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Alone in the Yard

Buddhist, Beat and Otherwise
by Leo Racicot

In Alone in the Yard, Leo Racicot writes of love, loss, and memory with skill, poignancy, and an understanding heart. With careful use of metaphor and surprising connections, he creates images that express our deepest feelings. In these wonderful poems, he is able to universalize the particular so that we know him and, through him, know ourselves. These poems are worth reading again and again.”
IF Miller Moonburn

“Alone in the Yard – Buddhist, Beat & Otherwise is an engaging assortment of poems infused with the spirit of the beat generation; reminiscent in method of the San Francisco Renaissance with all its poetic avant-garde. Leo Racicot's poems are accessible, intelligent and unquestionably charming, incorporating a skillful blend of humor with sadness and sorrow with wit. In 'What I Meant' he writes, 'This isn’t the life I meant to give you. I meant to stand on the stern of great ships and rooster your name ‘til my cheeks puffed up like a trumpeter’s.' There’s a genuineness exposed in every verse that transcends the page. We become vulnerable, trusting the truth in his voice. This is the voice of a poet's heart.”
Carol Lynn Grellas Object of Desire and Litany of Finger Prayers

"There is great satisfaction to be found in Racicot's journeys through memories of laughter and loss as he pursues the possibilities of love, gardens, and The Buddha. His singular ability to describe loneliness as a comfortable place makes this one of the year's highest recommended collections."
Doug Mathewson Blink-Ink

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