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“Brave, brash, tough, truthful, and often a bullet right to the heart, Lyle Roebuck’s short stories have all of the grace and wit of the best fiction and all of the insights and pathos that comes from genuine living that doesn’t go as planned. With Phantom Sounds, Roebuck is proving himself to be one of the most dynamic young writers around. Ignore these stories at your own risk.”

~ Christopher Bollen, The Destroyers

Phantom Sounds

  • “These arresting stories have a thousand eyes.”

    ~ Zack Kopp, Market Man



    “With humor, empathy, and sharp prose, Roebuck probes the lives of characters who exist in seemingly disparate orbits but whose common humanity is rendered through the dark undercurrents of their experiences. Compulsively readable, Phantom Sounds is a gift from a remarkable writer.”

    ~ Ann McGlinn, El Penco

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