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After fleeing an abusive marriage in Jamaica, Jacqueline faces new challenges with a troubling new romance, close-minded parents  back in Iowa, and three children growing up in an environment of poverty, danger, and uncertainty. Is her love strong enough to  keep them safe and create a new life? 

The Love That Frees by Rebecca Leo

  • “Leo's story provides no easy paths or predictable subplots. Much like life, it winds through intricacy, ironies, circumstance, and life influences with an attention to detail that is complex, yet appealingly recognizable.” 

    ~ Midwest Review 


    “Rebecca Leo has written a powerful and heart-rending sequel that deftly explores what is so often missing from stories about domestic violence: what happens after you leave and the far-reaching impacts of trauma. This is a story about the myriad complexities of rebuilding one’s life after domestic violence and the determined journey toward genuine healing and joy.” 

    ~ Chloe McFeters, You Look a Lot Like Me 

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