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  • FEBRUARY 2023

    Inside the amazing brains of Laura Rodley, Tina Barry, & Robert Slais Pushcart Prize winner Laura Rodley every drop he can. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tina Barry is the author of Beautiful Raft and Mall Flower. At first, I was intrigued because of Chagall—this famous artist in the tiny hamlet, and by the obvious I ask for a whiff of mineral pond water, the ting of a lightly tapped triangle, some sign-- any sign-

  • DECEMBER, 2020

    It had snowed and we had to carry a little sister over the drifts. 12 years in the same high school, and 25 criminal trials. ~*~*~*~ Brendan and Willie in ’73 Stephen Barry Stephen Barry is a trial lawyer living in New York City. Gina took him to bed. Gina’s eyes blazed, and her body radiated desire.

  • MAY, 2020

    . ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ For Suzanne Wherever She May Wander Stephen Barry Friday nights in Healeys’ Bar in the Stephen Barry is a Dad and trial lawyer living in New York City. and Counter Point by Prolific Press. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ The Gorilla Habitat (Houston Zoological Gardens) Larry Larry D. I carried out the remains of his life possessions In 4 big black plastic bags.

  • OCTOBER 2022

    A wind from the pond blew in the room and carried her away to an impossible blue and fragrant sky and A girl from school had a tiny phonograph, but I don’t recall what the records were.

  • SEPTEMBER 2022

    We patted the earth down with our feet and sprinkled loosed dirt over the tiny mound. lap of waves against the hull, sitting windless in a fog bank tasting of kelp I could feel the long carried seawater and peat a conduit between our worlds like the fog that brought you to us with the knife you carried

  • APRIL, 2020

    . ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Slam all the doors Nina Rubinstein Alonso Automatic chatter sounds like me replying “ Nina Rubinstein Alonso’s poetry has appeared in Ploughshares, The New Yorker, New Boston Review, Ibbetson They married shortly after graduating. One day she wakes up, he tells you during a break.

  • JULY 2022

    speaks to the human need to find “beauty in imperfection.” about the body how the house we carry overcome the shingled roof, smothering us with its beauty.” ~ Dorianne Laux, The Book of Men and What We Carry

  • JANUARY 2022

    I can imagine looking at the earth and seeing only a tiny point of light. It was written a couple of years after my oldest daughter died, so it carries with it a certain emotional

  • MAY 2022

    I began the 80s as a teenager, going crazy in Kenmore Square clubs and by the close, I was married and plunged into another pandemic, which would be ignored by another feckless administration, nor had Kamala Harris When I was a child, I’d see Mo’s face on my tin lunchbox, but now I see her freckles mirrored a small I always carried the image of the flowers and how they were given as some sort of an apology.

  • OCTOBER, 2020

    We trotted beside the tire tread slush, past the Barbie doll tricycle with the pink-and-white streamers I watch strainingly as my little white glob makes its way down, and the merciful wind carries it to shore We married right after high school. shouts Blushing Berry. “October is the only month I'm allowed out during the year.”

  • JULY, 2020

    Her contest credits include the Maine Postmark Poetry Contest, the Larry Kramer Memorial Chapbook Contest We joined the passing crowds, carried away by the unending parade of the temporal and the fleeting. The bags under her eyes carried enough stories to tell to the stars. As they watched the procession of tiny turtles waddle down the make-shift chute toward the breaking waves

  • JUNE 2022

    CLSG: Reading Larry Levis’ book Elegy had a dramatic impact on my writing. Life Mourns Parents, you carry your children’s coffins well.

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