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Timothy Gager's, fourteenth book, Every Day There is Something about Elephants consists of 108 flash fictions, ranging from 72 to 1,159 words. Every story has appeared previously in print or on the web. The stories show the range within the form of flash fiction, from narrative poem, shorter short story, to trips to bizarro-world where strange events evoke solid meaning and metaphor. Timothy has had over 500 total works features and these 108 are the best of the best. 

Every Day There Is Something About Elephants

  • "These stories by Timothy Gager are skewed, off-center, off-balance and an absolute delight to read. They begin strange, then fill like a balloon of strangeness about to pop, except they don't. They bob and quiver on your palm like so much lime jello. Oddly moving and always thought provoking, Every Day There is Something about Elephants is Lydia Davis meets Etgar Keret in a saloon and they're passing a napkin back and forth, riffing, pens blazing. That."

    ~ Kathy Fish, author of Together We Can Bury It 

    "Like one of his characters, a cop named Jack, Gager is 'the maestro of an out of time orchestra,' and his stories arrest us with their reassuring unpredictability, their devoted irreverence, and their tragicomic grasp of the absurd. Birth, family, romance, work, grief, hilarity, fear, joy, and mortality all tumble together until their colors run. These brief stories will have you thinking -- even if you're unsure of what -- and leave you dazzled, recharged, and ready for damn near anything."

    ~ Richard Hoffman 

    "Every Day There is Something About Elephants bristles with the energy of a keen and curious mind. Timothy Gager is a virtuoso of the compressed narrative. Each of these fictions sticks like a 10."

    ~ Christopher Allen, author of Other Household Toxins

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