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Submission Guidelines

We are closed to submissions,

but try us later!

We are looking for well-written, high-quality manuscripts in the following genres: novels, poetry, short fiction, memoirs, history, political, self-help/motivational, biography, science, social studies, philosophy, psychology, and young adult (fiction and non-fiction.) We are not interested in graphic novels, children’s books, oversized coffee table books with color images, fantasy, books about vampires or zombies, or erotica.

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT please note: While we are a traditional

royalty-paying press and never charge for editing or publishing, we do require a minimum purchase of 65 copies upon publication.


We also require that you have a professional website to

sell your book online, and a PayPal account to receive royalty payments.

You significantly improve your chance of receiving an invitation to send a sample of your writing if your query includes the following:


​An irresistible, brilliantly-crafted tagline

Your biography/credentials

A Table of Contents with chapter/section titles

For science, medical, or political manuscripts, please include a list of qualified people that you have worked with or expect to contact, and some publications you have cited in your research


A single paragraph synopsis

A chapter by chapter outline


Query only



Word count

A link to your professional website

A detailed marketing plan that demonstrates an understanding of your market/audience, and your willingness to work hard to promote your book


do not query us if you are nowhere near finishing your manuscript

do not send a sample of your writing unless we request it

do not include anything in your query as an attachment 

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