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Thirteen stories featuring mankind’s faithful but sometimes outrageous four-legged canine companions. 

A Home for Laika and Other Tails by Phillip E. Temples

  • There are a million tails in the canine city.  These are just a few of them … and you’ll love every one of these wildly imaginative stories ranging from the fantastic fate of the Russian dog cosmonaut Laika to the hopes, dreams, desires, jealousies, and indignities experienced by common household mutts that every dog lover can relate to. 

    ~ Rob Dinsmoor, Toxic Cookout 



    The thirteen charming and funny stories in Phillip Temples’ collection show us that we humans have much in common with our best friend, the dog. We find stories of canine treachery, jealousy and prejudice as well as cunning and bravery. This timeless collection follows the history of man/dog relations from the days of cave-dwellers to space travel and teaches us important lessons about our pets and ourselves. I highly recommend this book for anyone from 6 to 100 years old (and for dogs of all ages). 

     ~ John Cuetara, Mixed Messages and Away with Words 



    From a wild story about the rescue by a “Glyxonian” spaceship of the Russian dog, Laika—the first earth animal launched into space— to a tale about an otherworldly “retired couple” whose unusual breed of pet mates with an earthly Chihuahua, Temples’ imaginative vignettes and inspired short stories, ingeniously explore the canine universe. Although rooted in earthly reality, the inventive tales in A Home for Laika & Other Tails are “out of this world.” 

    ~ Brad Rose, de/tonations 

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