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“In A Slight Case of Guilt Thomas Bransten brilliantly describes his characters, no matter how briefly their appearance, in such rich, almost poetic tones, that you feel as if you’d recognize them on the street. He’s a superb word painter whose every scene is like a period tapestry hanging in a museum; masterfully-wrought suspense is woven with subplots that sparkle and stab with insight. Whoever writes the inevitable screenplay for A Slight Case of Guilt should have an easy time of creating a blockbuster movie. Haunting and powerful, and at times sadly comical, this is an absolutely compelling must read!”

~ Merle P. Martin, Nomad’s Chant 

A Slight Case of Guilt

  • A Slight Case of Guilt is a beautifully-written novel that captures the spirit, atmosphere and characters of Dijon, France in the early 1970s after the kidnapping of a young French boy who is heir to an age-old noble family. From mouth-watering baguettes and local bakeries to the families, police, lawyers and politicians behind the scenes, author Thomas R. Bransten elegantly portrays the heartbreaking drama through the eyes of journalist Lincoln Goldstone who leads the reader through an enticing and memorable story laced with style, wit, and cynicism."

    ~ Steven Caplan, Welcome Home, Sir



    "With polished prose and a deft writer's eye, Thomas Bransten sweeps readers up and drops them into 1970s Dijon, where the kidnapping of six-year old Christophe Ville de Coutray is just the beginning of a complex and beautifully-woven plot that explores the still-unresolved issues of the German occupation during World War II and French collaboration. A great read that's suspenseful, gripping and compelling."

    ~ Alex Keto, The Rainbird War

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