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“Banning is a master of the spot-on metaphor, the intriguing title, the dazzling verb, the credible personification. This skill transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Who knew someone could find such significance in cold feet, a dog’s nose, or the ‘brightness’ of a stew? The range here is vast: from dark places, to wry irony, to the blessings only pets can bestow. Under Banning’s sharp eye, July 4th becomes a statement about war. Her language sizzles with originality: the chemical sting of tears, the velvet of a mourning dove, the shadow of a hemlock, or the song of a fractured hip. In this collection, insight, humor, and lyricism encourage not only a new way to understand the world, but to appreciate it.”

~ Laurel Yourke, UW-Madison Emeritus, author of Beyond the First Draft: Deep Novel Revision 

Asparagus Roots

  • "The pages of Asparagus Roots aren't lined with words. Rather, they're painted with vivid word pictures that I couldn't help but pause to admire, linger over, and then let go to fully submerge myself in."

    ~ Laurie Buchanan, PhD, author of Note to Self: A Seven-Step Path to Gratitude and Growth, International Book Awards Winner, Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards Winner, Forward Indies Winner, Nautilus Book Awards Winner


    "A book of warm poetry and poetic prose, of home and family, and little slices of life. Sweet and bittersweet, this is a book to ponder, a book to savor, a book to remind us of all that really matters. Read it. You’ll be glad you did."

    ~ G. Egore Pitir, author of Face of our Father, Best Indie Book Award, 2015



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