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“John Cuetara’s poems are like brief glimpses into your neighbors’ windows; you see a vivid slice of life, and wish for more. The poems are filled with life, and often turn on a single color— the brightness of forsythia yellow, or the Shaker simplicity of white. There’s tenderness and pathos in equal parts, and a wry sense of humor at work in these fine poems. Cuetara does indeed have Away With Words.” ~ Liz Rosenberg, The Lily Poems and Home Repair 

Away with Words

  •  “Away With Words stirs the creative longings in the heart, which wants what it wants, yet somehow even the simplest moments in life might interrupt these outcomes. We fumble when we speak, we spill, when we drink…if only we left five minutes earlier or had taken a different route, things might be different. John Cuetara understands the subtleties and the what-ifs of moments in this work, nailing the adage that we are all human.”

    ~ Timothy Gager, Chief Jay Strongbow is Real


    “The poems in Away With Words are small, but not at all slight. They are rich with sunlight and shadow, traversing an immediately recognizable terrain in fresh and fascinating ways—ways that connect us all.”

    ~ Robert Scotellaro, Bad Motel

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