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“There are no vacancies at the Bad Motel. Every room is occupied by characters we recognize, interacting in exactly a hundred words, in provocative ways that are probing and prophetic. Behind every door there is word magic being performed, and here are the desk clerk’s keys. Welcome! Come on in and see for yourself.” 
—James Thomas, editor of Sudden Fiction and Flash Fiction anthologies 

Bad Motel

  • “Like perfectly crafted dioramas, Robert Scotellaro’s micro stories are tiny keyholes, tableau glimpses into fully formed worlds, entire lives implied with the barest swipe of words said, and more importantly not said.”
    ~ Nancy Stohlman, The Vixen Scream and Other Bible Stories


    "With grit and pathos, and at times sparked with humor, these intricate 100-word stories in Bad Motel travel far and daringly beyond their very short borders."
    ~ Paul Beckman, Peek

    "You can't be complacent when you read Robert Scotellaro's stories. Each line, each word, demands attention. He's a master of the miniature tale, wielding concision like a sculptor's knife. He uncovers those strange moments of life that haunt, bewilder, and reveal with a poetry that is daring. These 100-word stories are both barbed and beautiful."
    ~ Grant Faulkner, author of Fissures and co-founder and editor of 100 Word Story


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