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"Donald Trump grew directly out of the ignorance, intolerance, corporatism, and extremism of the Republican Party. Tom Ersin’s account during that time calls out those who deny that Trump is a fruit of the poisonous Republican tree. Ersin’s sharp wit, keen observations, and insightful interpretations create a portrait of how Republicans brought us to the brink of ruin through their dishonest pandering to an angry and confused base while serving their wealthy corporate masters. Future political historians will look back on Ersin’s book with a debt of gratitude.

~ John Sheirer, Make Common Sense Common Again

Barack vs. the Anti-PC

  • "Tom Ersin traces the events that led to Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party. The book includes not only a clarifying juxtaposition of public information, but a presentation of behind-the-scenes events most Americans are probably not aware of. The writing is literate, breezy, easy to understand and absorb. Republicans with a sense of humor will enjoy this book almost as much as Democrats and Independents. Republicans with no sense of humor will need antacid pills.

    ~ Robert Hilliard, Ph.D., Phillipa and The Greener Trees

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