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“With a gift of story, a sense of how people talk, an eye for detail, Peterson is on a never-ending search for what makes us human, each poem offering a kind of truth, sometimes deadly, while reminding us of poetry’s healing power. Read them”.

~ Myra McLarey, The Last Will and Testament of Rosetta Sugars Tramble

Between Stations

  • “Brady Peterson pulls off a nifty conjurer's trick, allowing us a glimpse into memories one after another until they crystallize into a fully formed experience, smoothing the edges of nostalgia and loss that define the jagged shards of the past that splinter the reader's heart. Each poem a bagatelle of exquisitely rendered detail, the morsels nourish like a meal of tapas, a feast of textures.”

    ~ Christopher Reilley, Grief Tattoos


    In Brady Peterson’s deeply evocative poems, myth meets memory as the poet revisits key moments in an otherwise ordinary life and sets them in the context of eternity. Such moments are connected by the most fragile of membranes, the thin line that divides past from present, dream from reality, who we once were from whom we’ve become. Each poem moves us, step by step, station by station–and through the spaces in between–along the journey towards joy the searching soul seeks. Between Stations is where life happens. What luck to find a poet brave enough to take us there.”

    ~ Angela Alaimo O’Donnell, Saint Sinatra & Other Poems


    “Brady Peterson has a lovely lyricism that pervades these 67 poems with a joyful playfulness on the serious business of compassion.”

    ~ Cleatus Rattan, The Border

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