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There’s magic in these stories, where lovely small details add up to immense things—an observed heartbeat, organ keys, mint chip ice cream, a hawk feather, the tender striations of dark and light on the abdomen of bees—all lingering long after the final page is turned.

––Christie Cochrell, a New Mexico Young Poet of the Year, author of Contagious Magic

BIG Secrets Everywhere

  • With their dramatic reveals, intimate revelations, and big secrets, each of Jeanne Althouse’s short stories are fresh and surprising in every way. These stories drive us to places we might not ordinarily go. I couldn’t stop reading and was haunted for days.

    ––Alice LaPlante, New York Times best-selling author of Turn of Mind and the best-selling textbook The Making of a Story


    Confessions of parents, lovers, and friends of all races and sexual orientations parade through these intergenerational, thought-provoking, and impeccably written tales. Readers will find themselves asking, "what secrets do I know and what would happen if others knew?"

    ––Daniel S. Whitaker, Professor Emeritus, California State University San Bernardino


    We think we know people, and yet, do we? Impeccably organized by natural cycles of life from birth to death and gorgeously told, Jeanne Althouse’s collection reveals truths that often hide in plain sight. These twenty tales, from joyful to heartbreaking, offer insights into the changing nature of lives, and loves, and lies.

    ––Tony Press, author of Crossing the Lines


    BIG Secrets Everywhere is an illuminating jewel of a book. It's a collection so honest, melancholic, and dynamic that it makes you reexamine what it means to rediscover, and surrender to, our most intimate memories and darkest family secrets.

    ––Wally Suphap, Founding Managing Editor, The Plentitudes

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