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Life is a gas for a group of bohemians living in 1970’s Boston. But when dreams collide with reality and a love triangle shatters three hearts, betrayal, fame and buried memories threaten to destroy the friendship they all thought would last forever.

Blue or Blue Skies: A Novel of Love, Honesty and Other Disasters

  • “A vivid portrait of heartbreak and redemption.”

    ~ The Lascaux Review


    “In this absolutely un-put-downable book, five friends struggle to survive love and success.”

    ~ Michael C. Keith, The Collector of Tears


    “This alluring tale will keep you flipping pages through the myriad of twists and turns until the wee hours.”

    ~ Bonnie ZoBell, What Happened Here


    "This is a glorious book!" - Susan Tepper, The Merrill Diaries