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“These provocative essays are a cold splash of water in the face to wake us up from our sleep walking, and show us how we’ve allowed our true, wild selves to be subverted by the unnatural system we’ve created. Seely is a thoughtful, worthy guide.” 

~ Daniel Hudon, Brief Eulogies for Lost Animals  

Civilization Heresies by Mark Seely

  • “Seely gives us a marvelous blend of the personal and the analytical. He comprehensively dissects the malady we call civilization with passion and depth. Highly recommended. Go wildness!” 

    ~  John Zerzan, Twilight of the Machines and Why Hope? The Stand Against Civilization 


    “Seely challenges the culturally-approved story that civilization is an inexorable march of progress, suggesting that in our quest to dominate the world, we have degraded and dehumanized ourselves and lost the ability to live authentically in the moment; in our attempt to enslave the planet, we have ended up enslaving ourselves to the infernal ‘machine’ that we have created. But there is hope. Seely quotes a Turkish proverb: ‘No matter how far you have travelled down the wrong path, go back.’ The task is twofold, he says: we need to disconnect from the artificial world of our own creation and reconnect with the authentic community of life of which we have never ceased to be a part. Civilization Heresies is an engaging mix of personal anecdote, eloquent nature writing and philosophical reflection.” 

     ~ Richard Schiffman, What the Dust Doesn’t Know 

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