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Dealing with Men is an enthralling collection. A perfect blend of wit, humor and truth, beautifully written, the ideal book for anyone who’s ever been in love.”

~ Carol Lynn Grellas, Litany of Finger Prayers and Object of Desire 

Dealing with Men by Robin Stratton

  • “The most endearing part of Dealing With Men is the love and respect Stratton shows every character. They are presented with all their faults and quirks in a manner both kind and knowing.”

    ~ Doug Mathewson, Blink-Ink


    “Robin Stratton’s collection is at once sexy, sad, funny, and true; a looking glass past the masculine other, past the feminine self, to clarify the universal in us all.”

    ~ Charles Cote, Flying for the Window


    Dealing with Men works as a how-to guide when it comes to understanding why women act and react to any situation. Stratton's fluid writing style allows a reader to consume each piece of writing with ease and the emotion that motivated her to write the piece jumps off of the page for the reader to embrace.”

    ~ Casey Quinn, Short Story Library


    “I loved the grit, the grisly, fearless, corporal reality of it, and the consistent rawness of the emotion – from the beautifully-brutal and tender commingling of Kerouac's ghost and the speaker's lover to the blunt intensity of the sinuous list while doing your boyfriend's laundry. Casual but heartbreaking, polished, rhythmic, almost deceptively insouciant in tone. And what range: free verse to haiku to microfiction to prose poems!”

    ~ Seth Michelson, House in a Hurricane

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