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“Richard’s Fox’s DOUBLE CHAI is a wonder. His rollicking Zady poems paint a vivid, loving portrait of his feisty, Orthodox Jewish/working class grandfather from the Old Country. Fox’s evocation of a long-gone time and place, and the outsized personalities who dwell there, is profound, humane and very funny. His poems are positively cinematic…and you will learn Yiddish!  As a fellow incurable cancer patient, I can also attest to Fox’s unique ability to shed light, and even grim humor, on the horrifying ‘cancer journey’ too many of us undertake. So, bravo to Richard Fox, for sharing with us his singular voice and vision. I can’t recommend DOUBLE CHAI highly enough!”

~ Karen Friedland, author of Places That Are Gone and Tales from the Teacup Palace

DOUBLE CHAI: Poems for my Zady & Miscellany

  • “Richard Fox is a mensch. He comes by it naturally, and shares with us his love for his family—expertly drawn here as three-dimensional, flawed people who nurtured him in every way—in treasured moments that fed his body and his mind with laughter, love and Faith. Whether ‘Counting the Candles on Zady’s Cake,’ or teaching us how ‘Grief Becomes Grace,’ the familial traditions, lessons, and anecdotes flavor a young poet’s awareness. Fox has the gift of deft description, his scenes living in the mind’s eye long after this treasured photo album of a book is finished.”

    ~ Christopher Reilley, author of One Night Stanzas


    “Richard Fox has penned his life story via poems and prose poems, with the flavors and essences carried from old worlds into the new. Books bloom out of certain parts of an author’s body, and DOUBLE CHAI: Poems for my Zady & Miscellany comes directly from Fox's big open heart. The candid B&W photos add to the beauty of his experiences.”

    ~ Susan Isla Tepper, author of Office and What Drives Men

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