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“To fear is to be human, but how we react to fear is the measure of who we are as humans. In Chris Bullard’s new story collection––appropriately titled Fear––people come to terms with what anguishes them in a myriad of idiosyncratic, and, yes, human, ways. These are poignant tales told in an unvarnished style that enriches their impact and effect. Bullard’s debut collection is a solid pleasure deserving of the reader’s attention. This reviewer looks forward to the author’s future efforts, because he clearly has something fresh and unique to convey.”

~ Michael C. Keith, Slow Transit and Perspective Drifts Like a Log on a River


  • “Chris Bullard serves up eleven odd tales of the grotesque and macabre in his latest collection, Fear. From a single-parent father who lovingly playacts stories with his young daughter in ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ to a secret government project gone-awry that distorts time (‘Drone’) to the nightmarish, apocalyptic signature story, ‘Fear,’ each gem kept me riveted until the very end. Definitely a good read.”

    ~ Phil Temples, Machine Feelings and Helltown Chronicles

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