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Cassie hasn’t told anyone about her crush on her boss Dr. Jack Miller. What’s the point? Not only is he dating the fabulously breast-implanted Dr. Renee Temple, but he’s consumed by his search to find the cure for the rare disease that killed his wife and is killing his son. But then an amazing opportunity presents itself, and suddenly she has it all – the identification of the deadly gene mutation, a huge government grant to do more research, fame, and romance. Unfortunately, it involved participating in one of the greatest frauds in the history of biomedical science... but is something wrong if you do it for the right reason?


In His Genes is intelligent, edgy and captivating. Stratton fluidly lights our fire with heartbreak and a confluence of mysteries that mesmerize us throughout, from the rabid fugitive genes that run rampant within us to the rabid human desire for power at the expense of truth.”

~ Meg Tuite, Domestic Apparition



In His Genes

  • “As a scientist, I was riveted to In His Genes; as an author, I admired how this novel has it all: a disease so realistic that it had me scouring the scientific literature to see if it exists, a frantic race to find a cure, a modest and likeable heroine-scientist who faces an overwhelming ethical conundrum, and the appearance of a mysterious savior on the scene. In all, a wonderfully written and extremely interesting novel that will undoubtedly captivate lovers of science and literature alike.”

    ~ Dr. Steven Caplan, Matter over Mind and Welcome Home, Sir



    “With exceptional skill and acuity, In His Genes illustrates the distinction between seeming and meaning in outer and inner human landscapes. A very fine read.”

    ~ Zack Kopp, Sorehead



    "How many times have you wished someone would hold the solution to your problems? The novel, In His Genes, by Robin Stratton, grants this wish to protagonist Cassie, from an unexpected source. Suddenly Cassie's world isn't peaceful as she thought, it's a prolific stream of causes and effects that attempt to undo Cassie and everyone she loves. Romantic, mysterious, and suspenseful, Stratton's book speaks a resounding sentence from the mysterious Palmer, you can only know yourself to be magnificent after you have experienced being not magnificent. The reader will ask, 'Do I want to be magnificent?' again and again while reading. After the last page of In His Genes has been turned, it's a question that must be decided."

    ~ Elizabeth Szewczyk, This Becoming

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