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“A fond tribute to Little Women’s atmosphere, but with decidedly modern twists that place four sisters in different challenging roles as they move away from home and reach into the world with revised goals for themselves. It’s a milieu in which even Mom gets an unexpected second chance at love. In Love With Spring’s sassy, classy forms of sexual and social relationship-building will appeal to romance readers, fans of the classic Little Women, and women who just enjoy romps through love and life changes.” 

~ Midwest Book Review

In Love With Spring Volume One

  • In Love With Spring, Volume One is a pop culture retelling of Louisa May Alcott’s classic coming of age story, Little Women, as the April sisters—romantic Mandy, bookish Jules, musical Lisbeth, and artistic Allie—take their first steps on the path of self-discovery in the male-dominated decade of AIDS, MTV, big hair, and big dreams. 


    “Dad left the same day John Lennon was assassinated, and for the rest of her life, Jules would connect the two events in her mind, where they lived as a single moment that changed everything; made life harsh, sad, lonely…” 

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