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“Robin Stratton is our quirky and often hilarious guide through funny, sometimes bizarre, and even tragic moments in Interference from an Unwitting Species. Her topics are broad, and questions often lie at the heart of her poems... her humor, honesty, and accessible emotion prevail throughout in a chapbook that keeps you on your toes. She knocks us off guard with her wit and charm and then jabs quickly with painful poems written about the death of a friend. In poems such as ‘Perfect’ and ‘You Lingered Before Leaving,’ Stratton’s work becomes intensely personal as she delves into loss and her friend’s final days, and what it’s like to continue living after a death. Interference from an Unwitting Species is indeed a series of delightful anecdotes, humorous musings, and compelling insights.”
~ Pedestal Magazine

Interference from an Unwitting Species

  • "So much recognizable life, depth, wisdom and humor... a strong and evocative voice throughout... Each piece is a creative jewel."

    ~ Robert Scotellaro, Measuring the Distance


    “Don't be fooled or lulled by the title; Robin Stratton's Interference from an Unwitting Species & Other Poems is far more dangerous than any act of mere 'interference.' Rather the book possesses an irresistible centrifugal force emanating from Stratton's radical joy in poetic forms and tones, which range from the knotty to the diaphanous, and the raucous to the painstakingly tender. So go ahead and pick up the book, if you dare, but don't complain when you realize hours later that you've been sucked into a hidden vortex of asynchronous being. Such is the power of 'interference!'”

    ~ Seth Michelson, Maestro of Brutal Splendor and Kaddish for My Unborn Son

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