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Into the Thorns and Honey is fortified with birds, trees, stars, moonlight, and angels, but in between the wind tossed branches, past the pretty perched birds, beyond the sparking stars in the heavens, we find the dark spaces on the page; it is there, in the shadows of these poems, that we find regret, need, loneliness, sorrow, jealousy, and heartache; it is there that we find what it means to be human.”
~ Jason Fisk, Sadly Beautiful

Into the Thorns and Honey

  • “Glenn Bowie shares another harvest of wisdom and beauty. He writes to us and for us, often using familiar four-letter words–such as moon and wind and road and home–to remind us to open our eyes and heart to the ‘true moment that will matter.’ Love is gained, and perhaps more frequently lost, within these pages, but it is always treasured. He depicts and honors memories in a manner that give nostalgia the good name it deserves: ‘If my ears could gauge silence / I could hear your thoughts as they gather / like the rain.’”
    ~ Tony Press, Crossing the Lines

    “Glenn Bowie shows us yearning and sorrow in his new book Into the Thorns and Honey. The poems are vulnerable and brave. He never turns away from longing or pain. Instead his calm strength urges the reader to reach deep, to join with him as he perseveres with nobility. There are sly moments, like in ‘Honey: ‘I say baby, your heart has a B side / that no one has ever played’. Other verses strive for unassuming wisdom as in ‘Bluebird Road: ‘You nailed your dreams to the stars / with a claw hammer banjo’. Into the Thorns and Honey is a journey through waves of recollection and desire, elevating and comforting. Interspersed among the poems are photos with reflective captions. Glenn’s use of shadow is haunting and ethereal.” 
    ~ Richard H. Fox, Time Bomb: Poems and wandering in puzzle boxes

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