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Richard Fox, a tangle of contradictions. A certain spareness and when able, pays close attention to the world.

~ Liz Rosenberg, author of Indigo Hill and Children of Paradise

Let sleep bless our arrival by Richard Fox

  • “Here are three things you need to know about Richard Foxs poetry: It is as universal as it is Jewish; it is as honest about living as it is about dying, and it is as skillful with memory as it is with words, arrangement, and imagery. Before I read Richard, I wondered how the Kaddish got away with it, being a mourners prayer with no mention of mourning. Now I know. The poems of Let sleep bless our arrival glorify, celebrate, laud, praise, acclaim, honor, extol and exalt. They also call out, laugh, character-ize, cherish comrades two-footed and four, contain no artificial sweeteners, embolden, embrace. And re-embrace. Let this volumes awakening bless our remaining.

    ~Wayne-Daniel Berard, author of Art of Enlightenment


    “Survival is the force propelling this gripping hybrid of poetry, prose and prose poems. The essential element here: In order to make it on this planet you must grab onto every necessary and delicious person/place/object/event and stuff yourself silly—until you almost cant breathe.Richard Fox knows this by heart.”

    Susan Tepper, author of What Drives Men and The Merrill Diaries

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