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“Prepare to be delighted and bedazzled. Cracking the spine of Phil Temples’ Machine Feelings and Other Stories is like opening up a box of chocolates from a total stranger. You begin cautiously sampling them one by one. You discover that each one has its own unique flavor–and before you know it, you’ve scarfed down the whole box and have chocolate all over your face.”

~ Rob Dinsmoor, Tales of the Troupe and You Can Leave Anytime 

Machine Feelings and Other Stories

  • “From the tale of a well-dressed android who suddenly discovers his subjective feelings of anger and indignation while fending off a human attacker, to the story of a junior faculty member who conducts Schrodinger’s experiment, only to discover the dual nature of his own mortality, the deft and compact stories contained in Phillip Temples’ newest collection reveal the quirky and unexpected reality that lies just beneath the surface of everyday appearances. With concision and wit, Temples uncovers the surprising and unforeseen, as he explores the shared ground of science and naturalistic fiction. A reader who spends time with Temples’ brief, well-crafted tales will be surprised, indeed amazed, but never disappointed.”

    ~ Brad Rose, Pink X-Ray


    "With skill, wit and wisdom, Phillip E. Temples fashions stunningly original stories where, what is otherworldly and what is distinctly human, collide in the most fascinating ways.”

    ~ Robert Scotellaro, Measuring the Distance and What We Know So Far

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