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What other people try to find in politics or God, freelance writer Porkowski Styles looks for in his own cheap life of telephone survey jobs, pot smoking, and lust, living by his wits in the blown-out shell-bottom of a ruined, crowded world. 

Market Man is a book about lost books and magic books and writing books, touching on racism, the #metoo movement, religion, and gun control, through the eyes of one determined to Do The Opposite of anything he doesn't like. Some would say Porkowski Styles succeeded at this frivolous experiment. Others, that he failed beyond redemption. You be the judge. As the old world dies, and a whole new system of coordinates takes hold, in a war between Hermes and Mars fought with nuclear threats and fake news and cell phones... It's all here in this book about punk rock, public relations and trust. 

Market Man by Zack Kopp

  • "Zack Kopp balances his way along the tightrope between citizen journalism and online propaganda with considerable insight and style."

    ~ Paul Krassner, Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut: Misadventures in the Counterculture


    "Zack Kopp’s writing is funny, scary, and firmly rooted in the hidden corners of present-day America. There is a universal quality that rises above the current political climate. On a deeper level, this is the story of a young artist making his way in a world that values neither art nor humanity. Fiction or nonfiction? Truth, conspiracy theories made manifest, and eternal longings combine into a compelling novel for our times. Read this book!"

    ~ Maggie Dubris, Skels


    "Whether you hate politics or love fishing, Market Man is the book for you. Zack Kopp is a very fine writer with a distinct style."

    ~ Mark SaFranko, Blossoms and Blood


    "Zack Kopp has taken today’s modern chaotic atmosphere, our sickening barrage of hybrid Utilitarian petulance and narcissistic propaganda, and forced the whirlwind through the myopic, stoned, mildly bigoted, and disturbingly humorous typewriter of one of the best reluctant-protagonists I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long while. A noir classic, with graphic appeal."

    ~ Elyse Draper, The Freewill Trilogy

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