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Claire took pride in being rational most of the time, except when it came to Mike. She accepted the promiscuity, the drinking, the cockeyed investment schemes, and the lack of order in his life, until tonight when she was huddled on a stranger’s deck in the rain, with no clothes on, wondering how she was going to get her naked, half-sloshed lover dressed and out of there before the owner returned.

Marriage by Fire

  • Marriage by Fire is a spicy, unrepentant and eclectic blend of fiction and poetry that wends a wild path through the thickets of Claire's divorce, explorations and experimentations. Amidst passion, confusion and dishonesty, she searches for a soul mate who has a gentle heart in a complicated world. Does she find him? Read this short, spunky book and find out.”

    ~ Jane Banning, Asparagus Roots


    “In Marriage by Fire, Claire is an everywoman with two kids at home, a career, friends, and a sense of humor. What she doesn’t have is a loving relationship. Though men in her life are vividly portrayed as vulnerable, scarred, and, at times, abusive and lecherous, there is much to admire in Claire’s fierceness as she clarifies what she wants and what she needs. I found myself rooting for her. By happenchance, she thinks she’s met Mr. Right, but can she accept what he tells her about his past? A good read with pitch-perfect dialogue, so don’t skip to the end.”

    ~ John David Muth, A Love for Lavender Dragons and Inevitable Carbon


    “In Marriage by Fire, Nancy Scott gives us Claire, a young mother with a day job as a caseworker and a husband who prefers men. In crisply-written vignettes and poems, the reader cheers Claire on as she fights her way out of the marriage, and in and out of her lovers’ beds. Marriage by Fire is an elegant sexual romp with a heart.”

    ~ Tina Barry, Mall Flower

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