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Meet My Haze is filled with stories that live between fire, family, the torque of a heart, and tenderness. Meg Tuite shows us the inside-out of our domestic lives, loves, and misadventures, making the hairs on my arms shoot up, or a knot made of art and fuck get stuck in my throat. These are the micro moments that make us. This book made my whole body vibrate.” ~ Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Book of Joan

Meet My Haze

  • “In Meet My Haze, Meg Tuite is writing with one foot in the land of the living and one foot in the land of the dead. And she’s doing it so tenderly that the boundary is blurred, allowing us to cross over and back. We become the dead, which means we also become more alive through her passages. Meg Tuite says in here, ‘It’s a parade of the lonely.’ That’s what each piece of this collection is doing, marching down our streets in a celebratory/grieving journey like a second line funeral in New Orleans.” - Steven Dunn, author of Potted Meat and water & power


    “The immediacy of Tuite's writing forces us to delve deep into the intermingling of death and life. Her sentences punch you awake, throttle you, grip and surprise you, force you with bold strokes to sit up and notice our shared humanity, our shared grit. Raw and poetic at once, Meg Tuite is an extraordinary writer. Meet My Haze is one of those rare story collections that wake up the dead and spring us head first into life. - Deborah Henry, author/screenwriter of The Whipping Club


    “Meg Tuite is a phenomenon. She takes no shit, pulls no punches. Meet My Haze is her finest, most nuanced collection to date. Tuite’s writing makes me think of Raymond Carver and Clarice Lispector thrown into a nuclear reactor, as an experimental fuel to power this burnt down world in some new beautiful way.” - Bud Smith, author of Double Bird


    “Meg Tuite’s Meet My Haze is a Descansos for the living. Tuite’s characters give us the world. She writes: ‘You know that anticipatory fear of a train bearing down on tracks. It gets larger and larger as it moves closer and there’s a moment when your body watches itself sail out just before the train hits.’ That’s how I felt while reading Meet My Haze, buoyant, outside my body, but also waiting for the unexpected: missing tracks, a broken switch, an invisible collision, felt but unseen.” - Tiff Holland, author of Betty Superman


    “In her stunning new collection of stories, Meg Tuite portrays life with all its pathos and humour: the colours, clamour and stench of humanity. People cling to what they have, or prepare to let go forever, reminding us always that we experience life most keenly when we see it in the raw. As these thirty-three short narratives unfold, they take us on a fearless search for what it means to be human.” - David Steward, author of Travelling Solo


    “Meg Tuite's Meet my Haze is a robber's cave of shining gems that spark and blaze long after the reading is done. To corrupt a line from the book: A day with Tuite's writing is never a dead day. These brilliant short stories include ‘Letter to a Dead Writer,’ (Clarice Lispector), a fitting tribute to one great short story writer from another.” - James Claffey, author of Blood a Cold Blue

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