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“Lyrical and romantic, at times funny. An engaging read from an experienced wordsmith!” 

~ Glenn Bowie, Under the Weight of Whispers and Into the Thorns and Honey 

No Shackles by Robert Hilliard

  • “Robert Hilliard’s muse has morphed into a compelling poetry enriched with the spirit and lyricism of our best Romantic poets. His poems preach love for mankind, art, science and life with a conviction and commitment impossible to ignore. At 94, the second volume of his renascence, No Shackles, is a welcome addition to the nonagenarian poetry canon.” 

    ~ Joe Pacheco, author of Sanibel Joe’s Songbook and Alligator in the Sky and founder of ArtPoems 

    “In No Shackles, Robert Hilliard shares the wisdom earned by engaging life with courageous tenacity. His poems tackle the raw dissonance of today’s social and political struggles. He does not flinch while challenging us to pay attention, to act. Robert writes of love and dreams ad wonder, with insight gained only by nine decades of honest introspection.” 

    ~ Richard Fox, author of you’re my favorite horse and winner of the 2017 Frank O’Hara Prize 

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