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After the sudden death of her husband a pampered housewife discovers that having it all is success but losing it all is freedom.

Claire Barrett should have known her marriage was in trouble but she ignored the signs for years, and it wasn’t until after her husband died that she discovered he’d squandered their savings on another woman. Facing foreclosure and the gloomy probability of moving back into her parents’ house, she seeks escape in the arms of a new man. But a stunning turn of events forces her to examine the role she played in her husband's infidelity as a spoiled wife who spent all her time tending to 26 bonsai trees. Finally she realizes that what she lost was something she never had, and what she found was something she always wanted.

Of Zen and Men by Robin Stratton

  • “Robin Stratton has written a deeply inspiring and authentic portrayal of one woman’s journey of recovery and self-discovery. Striking the perfect balance of candor and humor, she leaves us feeling wiser and entirely whole.”
    ~ Eliza Locke, Kissing in Iceland

    “Exquisitely vulnerable and empowering. One comes away from Robin Stratton’s Of Zen and Men with a profound desire to discover, to return to, or to redefine one’s finest version of themselves.” 
    ~ Chloè McFeters, You Look a Lot Like Me

    “A captivating read full of twists and turns that is sure to break your heart and mend it over and over again as we follow the life of Claire Barrett through her unexpected and extraordinary journey. Never have I felt so connected to any female character. She is surely the Scarlet O’Hara of her generation.”
    ~ Carol Lynn Grellas, Object of Desire 

    "Like Jane Austen, whose female characters delighted readers 200 years ago with their unexpected wisdom and insight, Robin Stratton has created a heroine who finds strength in herself in order to face the vicissitudes of life with courage. Of Zen and Men is engaging, humorous, and thoroughly addictive." 
    ~ Robbi Nester, Balance

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