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“With a gentle tone and a sharp eye, the poems of John Cuetara’s Regrets Only examine both the perplexity and the beauty inherent in human relationships. Cuetara meticulously observes the lives of friends, fathers, mothers, wives, and neighbors, then tallies both price we pay for, and the gains we reap from, genuine human connection. While Regrets Only wisely cautions us about our relational frailties, it also keenly celebrates the admirable, if at times flawed, humanity of our connectedness.”

Brad Rose, Lucky Animals and No. Wait. I Can Explain.

Regrets Only

  • “John Cuetara has a sense of humor that is subtle and enchanting, combining irony with a genuine affection for people in his life. Readers will enjoy his insights and wistful wisdom, and find him relatable and entertaining.”

    Zvi A. Sesling, The Lynching of Leo Frank and War Zones


    “Teeming with extraordinary insight, Cuetara pulls from well-imagined illusion, memory and mixed experience of joy and pain, forming an existence of a life well-lived, drawing us in and triggering our own trials and tribulations.”

    Tom Lyons, Luna Moth


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