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Robert Olen Butler “Timothy Gager is a genius of the quotidian, keenly observing the details of our lives and rendering them so that we can hear the deep pulse of our identities, of our pure being, within them.”

~ Robert Olen Butler, Paris in the Dark

Spreading Like Wild Flowers by Timothy Gager

  • Afaa M. Weaver “Gager studies the crisp space between life's summation and the gathering of what harvest may wait for us as we work at a more genuine quality of being.”

    ~ Afaa M. Weaver, City of Eternal Spring

    “Worldly, witty, and often satirical, Gager’s poems also have a tender side, a feeling of loss and longing, a sense of thwarted hopes and dreams.”

    ~ Fred Marchant, Said, Not Said

    “Gager writes through the lens of a damaged angel, someone who has seen forgiveness from all sides. The result is wondrously eloquent, giving us these beautiful, dangerous, arresting poems about what it means to be human.”

    ~ January Gill O'Neil, Rewilding


    “Timothy Gager mines gems of truth from the plain soil of ordinary life.”

    ~ Charles Coe, Memento Mori


    “His eye for the telling detail remains, but his work has become more expansive, more timely, and less hard-bitten. This is a mature poet showing us exactly what he’s got: and it’s good.”

    ~ Rusty Barnes, The Last Danger


    “Gager’s poems that fight for truth and justice and love―whether we’re ready for them yet, or not.”

    ~ Shaindel Beers, Secure Your Own Mask

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