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Months after forming a writers group, four women from very different backgrounds found themselves unexpectedly writing about their mothers. In the process, not only did their understanding of one another deepen, but their perceptions of their mothers were transformed. With humor, tenderness, pain, and sorrow, Still Here Thinking of You taps into that universal pulse that never stops beating: the bond between mother and daughter.

Still Here Thinking of You: A Second Chance With Our Mothers

  • "This is storytelling as art. The authors excel in their ability to pull you into their recollections knowing... that you are out there vicariously living through their revelations and your own similar, heartfelt and heartrending reflections. These are not stories of ceaseless love for mothers now passed away. They are not sugarcoated apparitions dipped in shiny caramel of revised recall... It's an invitation to take a similar journey -- to remember the trying and the uplifting."
    ~ Huff Post Books

    "While the exploration of the past is what drew me in to Still Here Thinking of You, it is the transforming nature of the narratives that inspires readers to flip the script and look at their own relationships with their children that ultimately marks this book as a winner."
    ~ NYMetroParents


    "In Still Here Thinking of You, the authors have woven a tapestry of 
    four individual memoirs...into a larger meditation on the sometimes fraught, often intense mother-daughter relationship. As each writer creates a compelling portrait of the woman who raised her, she also tries to come to terms with who her mother was. Still Here Thinking of You is a lovely, absorbing collection."
    ~ Kate Stone Lombardi, The Mama's Boy Myth 


    "These stories take us to the heart of where we all live, the endless bond between mother and child. They are honest and lyrical, painful and funny, a final reckoning and a testament to the vanished past ~ soul work right there on the page."
    ~ John H. Richardson, writer at large, Esquire

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