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“Alex Keto is a wordsmith extraordinaire who creates a moving spectacle of human drama set against the backdrop of rebellion in colonial Kenya. His masterful control of language is just as evocative as it is visceral in the breadth and scope in the imagery of the setting and how it impacts the main characters—which immediately reminds one of Hemingway’s Kilimanjaro or Forster’s India. Keto’s story grabs you from the opening hunt sequence and does not let you go until the very last sentence; only then can you finally catch your breath at having lived through this amazing literary journey. The Rainbird War is a brilliant and powerful literary tour de force.” ~ Jeffrey Miller, War Remains and Ice Cream Headache

The Rainbird War

  • The Rainbird War is one of those books that has it all - danger, romance, war, politics and betrayal. But at its core, it’s the story of a loss of innocence on an epic scale. The Rainbird War captures a foreign land in upheaval vividly and pulls the reader through the harrowing and lush world it portrays."

    ~ Colin Dodds, The Last Bad Job


    “In the midst of a wildly haunting adventure, Alex Keto's lyrical, sincere prose weaves powerful conflict, painterly observation, and tender understanding into a compelling storyline – truly a pleasure to read.”

    North Chicago Review

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