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"These stark tales of love and loss are told with striking concision. Any attempts at false poetry or armchair philosophy are cleared away and all we are left with is the heart of the story: a mother trying to evade North Korean authorities so she can feed her family with money earned from selling narcotics at the Chinese border, a jilted husband returning home not to rekindle a marriage but to reclaim a long-forgotten debt. With settings that range from an American desert wasteland to a remote temple in the Korean countryside, Jeffrey Miller takes us on the journey of a heart that has been battered but is not yet completely broken."

~ Craig Fishbane, On the Proper Role of Desire

The Roads We Must Travel

  • "Miller is a writer of special merit whose stories span the full spectrum of emotions with their poignancy, humor, and irony. Indeed, every so often along The Roads We Must Travel comes a storyteller who grabs you hard and won’t let you go; and the thing is, you don’t want to be let go. Jeffrey Miller is that kind of storyteller."

    ~ Michael C. Keith, Bits, Specks, Crumbs, Flecks


    "One of the most impressive elements in Jeffrey Miller’s short stories is how he includes the reader in 'place' whether it’s the military in Panama’s Canal Zone, Thailand, Japan, Korea or the US, where 'For Emily', a brilliant and chilling story takes place. I’ve been impressed by his novels but his short story collection will be one that gives readers an insight into the depth, knowledge and uniqueness of his writing. This is a read-more-than-once and share grouping of fine stories from around the globe."

    ~ Paul Beckman, Peek


    "In this wonderful series of short stories, Jeffrey Miller takes us back to a special kind of 'close encounters;' whether it’s navigating through awkward relationships with an estranged parent, divorced spouse or former lover, Miller guides us through a memorable cluster of stories, that are insightful, moving, and brimming with wander-lust. A must for any self-reflective reader!"

    ~ Steve Caplan, Saving One

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