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“Robin Stratton does a fine job of intersecting each sister's evolving, ongoing connections within these three stories. Each sister’s family, relationships with the other sisters, and outward trajectory comes to life. Each harbors hope for a different future, and each faces these possibilities and outcomes with a brave heart. Three Sister Stories adds to a trilogy, but the door of their expanding worlds and relationships is left ajar for possibly more revelations. A powerful, attractive read.”

~ Midwest Book Review

Three Sister Stories

  • A high school principal races to diagnose a mysterious illness that’s killing one of her students, a publisher comes up with a risky and possibly illegal scheme to save her press from going out of business, and a lonely widow hopes to rediscover happiness by spending a year hand delivering letters from a quirky post office on an island in the Galapagos. 


    Like her character Jules, Robin Stratton has written and rewritten this trilogy dozens of times over the past 35 years. “The first draft, begun in 1987, kicked off with the assassination of John Lennon, and described my world of the 1980s,” she says. “MTV, AIDS, shoulder pads, anorexia, girls harassed at the workplace, blatant racism, and prejudice against the gay community. Three decades went by in a flash, and in addition to wanting to examine what had changed and what had stayed the same for women in America, I just had to find out what the girls had been up to. It was so much fun hanging out with them again.”   

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