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“Full of thrills and chills, deft humor, and ghostly goings on, Toxic Cookout is a blistering complication of Rob Dinsmoor’s most provocative and compelling tales.” 

Nicholas Lichtfield, author of Swampjack Virus and Editor of Lowestoft Chronicle 

Toxic Cookout: Stories by Rob Dinsmoor

  • Toxic Cookout is equal parts perceptive, humorous, and bizarre. Ranging from mystical to futurist, Dinsmoor’s wild scenarios create the perfect backdrop as his characters attempt to control, correct, or co-conspire with the universe.” 

    Jen Knox, author of Resolutions 

    “Howard, Terra, and Heather are characters that only a gifted writer could forge into being.  They’re just a few of Dinsmoor’s unique portrayals, and he places them in scenarios equal to their depictions.  In Toxic Cookout, protagonist and plot are adeptly textured with perfect measures of irony, humor, and insight to make for a marvelous repast.  A savory, not septic, shindig for the reader.” 

    Michael C. Keith, author of Stories in the Key of Me 

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