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"Reading Glenn Bowie’s poetry is like wrapping yourself securely inside your favorite blanket on a frigid night. It’s the tender and comforting existence we all desire to feel when it’s dark and we are shivering. Under The Weight of Whispers is a sentimental provider of warmth that can knit together all life’s loose yarn ends, linking the frayed strands of the human condition we once cut free in our lives.

~ R Jay Slais, Mice Verses Man

Under the Weight of Whispers

  • "Glenn Bowie’s clear-eyed poetry shines new light on life and light and darkness, time and seasons, and yes, love and truth. At times wistful, 'Nothing is unimaginable when you remember how we used to be' and at times unsparing, 'Words of wisdom a day late will never get you anywhere,' Bowie writes his heart’s truth. And he writes from his core: 'My heart’s only redemption / that you listen.'" 

    ~Tony Acarasiddhi Press, Crossing the Lines


    "Glenn Bowie's collection of poetry and photographs capture moments in time that are the essence of the Divine; of love and pain, and most importantly, the essence of who we all are. In Under the Weight of Whispers he has given of his own spirit, and we see ourselves in his words, our vision becoming clearer as we strive to come face to face with our Highest Self."

    ~ Ebby, Meatless Fridays

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