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Richard Fox is a poet whose raw materials are illness, loss, and disappointment and like the alchemists of old, he changes lead to gold.

Charles Coe Picnic on the Moon and All Sins Forgiven: Poems for My Parents


Richard Fox’s unique muse wanders through the landscapes of cancer, aging, mourning, Judaism and Boomer memory to produce poems of riveting power and imagination. His cancer poems are unforgettable and his remembrances of times past and friends lost are propelled by a compelling lyrical narrative that seeks to unlock the truth from the puzzle boxes of life and loss within us.
Joe Pacheco Sanibel Joe's Songbook and Alligator in the Sky



  • "Unlike any other form, a poem is a conversation. Richard Fox knows how to bring discourse to an unabashed place which is at once challenging, vulnerable, erotic and superbly human. Death hovers above all and Fox reaches out to touch it with humor and sharp tongue. His words confront and bedazzle cancer, family and faith. Thoughtfully shaped with craft and time, these poems demonstrate what a master can do when he puts his pen to it."

    Jim Gustafson Unassisted Living and When we’ve come farther than we have to go


    "Richard Fox travels to the heart of living. His poems truly are a “deft landing,” a testament to his writing. He knows how to deliver. His honesty is a force that grabs, and doesn’t let go."

    Gloria Mindock Whiteness of Bone and Ash


    "These poems sing of the subtle treasures and piercing bittersweetness of human existence. You’ll long for more time, more life, more poetry, after reading this beautiful book."

    Chloe McFeters C is for Courage, Still, But Not Silent, and Journey into Poetry


    "The peal of chimes behind his words is ever-present in the worlds he createsunfolding on the page."

    Susan Isla Tepper What Drives Men and Office


    "Richard Fox, like us all was 'born to live,' but this collection of his living, breathing poetry is born to live on your bookshelves forever, to be removed, breathed upon, and celebrated."

    Timothy Gager Joe the Salamander and 2020 Poems


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