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Who’s Going To Pray For Me Now? is a rollicking journey through the past and the present, filled with the bliss and tension of summer heat, and the desire to fit in, to feel loved, to be a part of something more. Reddick’s stories blaze with honest emotion and sensory details that remind the reader of their own adolescence, their own hook-ups and hang-ups, sweaty leather seats, and the pain of becoming men and women in adult spaces devoid of imagination and joy. But there’s mirth, happiness, love, and heartbreak here, with their unique pulsing rhythms, each story more song than a novel, on repeat, with choruses that we can sing along with as we walk through the liminal nights of these characters’ lives.”

~ Tommy Dean, Hollows, Covenants, and Special Like the People on TV

Who's Going To Pray For Me Now? by Niles Reddick

  • “Even though we don’t know when it’s going to happen, be damn sure, if it’s going epic, we’re going to need a 1965 Skylark, fast and focused with a smooth and graceful landing, to help blast the transition! Reddick presses fiction into the ultimate excursion. DEATH! Who’s Going To Pray For Me Now is a mesmerizing collection: flammable and saturating tales of those final moments when we become feverish weeds whacked into oblivion. These narrative adventures are palpable and inescapable. LOVE! GET A COPY!”

    ~ Meg Tuite, White Van


    “The stories in Niles Reddick’s Who’s Going To Pray For Me Now? show us what it means to be in the know, whether it’s the inside of a 1965 Skylark or the way to handle snakes in a county church. But there’s also a lot of heart here, the little hurts and reconciliations of coupledom in a world where two equals more than one plus one. The best flash fiction keeps opening outward after you’ve read it. Reddick’s stories do that and more.”

    ~ David Galef, My Date with Neanderthal Woman

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