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You'll Never See It Coming by Rob Dinsmoor

  • "Alien cornstalks, a haunted house, mushrooms you do not want to eat, murder, drunks, mistaken suitcase, a rocket ship and a bizarre ride to New Jersey are just some of the extremely entertaining stories in Rob Dinsmoor’s You’ll Never See It Coming, and you will not. Each of the stories is unique and surprising. Dinsmoor displays his knowledge of varied subjects and flashes his humor while keeping the reader engrossed. A book to savor.” 

    ~ Zvi A. Sesling, Secret Behind The Gate  


    "Rob Dinsmoor’s You’ll Never See It Coming impresses readers with delightful vignettes of life: dirty tricks played on childhood friends; a treacherous ride with youthful friends to a wedding in a rattling old jalopy; even a whimsical science-fiction tale that evokes images of, 'Attack of the Fungus Creature.' Dinsmoor’s wordsmithing is superb and his imagination knows no bounds. It's a great read."   

    --Phil Temples,  Home for Laika and The Kanawha Anomaly 

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